Three Years Ago

I was sitting in my best friends drive way waiting for them to pull up. My parents wouldn’t let me ride to Chicago because it wasn’t “safe” to drive there and back in one day. I was mad, but didn’t fight them on it because I knew I wouldn’t win. Instead, I went to my best friends house and waited. He was driving to Chicago to pick up two friends, one of which was his “doctor” in Afghanistan. Yes, my eyes lit up when he told me I would like him, and the fact that he said doctor… shallow, I know. But can you blame me?

They pulled up and I jumped out of my car, ran over to the garage door and punched in my best friend’s garage code feeling super cool. We all went inside, introduced ourselves and settled in. I could not say Solomon’s name, let alone comprehend his last name so i just smiled, my very interested smile, and batted my eyes. He was the perfect image of “Tall Dark and Handsome” and I was in shock. My best friend really does know me!

After a night of sharing our life stories with each other and staring into each others eyes I had to wake up and go to the pumpkin patch with my family. All I could think about was Solomon. I definitely stalked him on Facebook all day. I sent texts to my best friends and told them to go look at him. I even told one of them that I knew he was something special, different, whatever that feeling is when you “just know”. I could not believe I’d met this guy. Later that day, while I was at the pumpkin patch, he commented on my Facebook page. I obsessively checked my phone waiting for his replies.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.08.40 PM

After more disagreeing with my parents, I stayed at my best friends house again that night to hang out with everyone. Okay, I went to spend as much time with Solomon as humanly possible. We went to breakfast on Sunday and spent some time together then it was time for him to leave. I wasn’t sure what to think. “This weekend was too good to be true. Will I ever see him again?” So many questions ran through my mind. Late that night I heard from him that he got home to Chicago safe. Every day since then we have talked to each other. Through the good, bad, stressful and exciting days we’ve been together. We spent 2 and a half years separated by distance from Indiana to Chicago and Indiana to Oregon.

Regardless of where we are, I know we will always be here for each other. I am so lucky to have Solomon as my boyfriend, best friend and biggest fan (besides my parents, of course!) So heres to more memories, laughter and cross-country trips as we make our way through this thing called life.


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